FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!! I mean, who the heck likes to pay for shipping?

Still Confused? FAQ


How Much Is Shipping?

Ahhh…duh shipping is FREE. Always has been, always will be. Sassi doesn’t believe in paying shipping and neither should you!  

How Do You Ship My Decals?
Typically, all decal orders are shipped via USPS. Sassi has a sasquatch uncle that works for USPS, so he gets the family discount for shipping, HAHA. Depending on what decals and how many are ordered, Sassi will be packaging your order in a flat envelope or box, shipped right to your door.

What If My Decal Comes Damaged?
Sassi doesn’t like unhappy customers, almost as much as he dislikes getting sprayed by skunks in the forest. So should your order show up damaged or even missing, please email him at He’ll make it right!

How Long Does It Take For My Order To Ship?
Normally all in stock orders ship the next day. If they are out of stock, it only takes a day or two replenish our inventory, so at most 2-3 days. If Sassi expects a delay longer than that, he will contact you directly to inform you and let you know your options.

What If I Decide I Don’t Want My Decal After I Order It?
Sassi says all sales are final. So… he suggests gifting it to another “squatcher”. For a small investment of a decal, you just might just gain a new life long friend. Now, as noted above, if you receive your decal order and it is damaged, please email Sassi at and he’ll get you taken care of.

Do You Ship Outside The United States?
If you would like to have your order shipped outside the U.S. please contact Sassi at so that we can arrange delivery options and discuss costs.



Are Your Decals Awesome?
Ahhh… hell yeah!! And you will be too if you order some!  

What Are The Decals Made From?
We use high quality, durable and easy-to-remove vinyl material. Sassi has requested that these decals be printed on special air release vinyl, to aid in installation. Our air release vinyl helps to insure that you don’t get bubbles and your new SassiSquatch art work.

How Long Do The Decals Last?
Our decals are printed on material designed to last up to 5-7 years. However, Sassi says that the better you care for you decal, the longer it will last. If your decal is going on your car, Sassi says the way that you care for your car, goes a long ways in showing how you care for your decal.

Does Rain Or Snow Affect The Decals?
Sassi lives in the snow and the rain… do you really think he would sell a decal that can’t withstand the elements? That’s why Sassi only uses vinyl designed for outdoor use. Heck SassiSquatch decals are also resistant to hail… your car however?… probably not so much.

What Should I Clean The Surface With Before Applying My Decal?
There are a lot of people that use a lot of things. Sassi recommends using rubbing alcohol. It’s readily available, cheap, and evaporates quickly. The key is making sure the surface is clean and dry before applying your new SassiSquatch decal.

Are The Decals Easy To Remove?
Sassi says if you can’t remove your decal, you need to “Squatch up” a little bit. With the use of a hair dryer or heat gun, gently heat the vinyl and slowly peel the decal off. Sassi also asks "why would you want to remove something so awesome anyways"?

Are The Decals Reuseable?
No, they are not reuseable. Sassi would like to point out that new decals start at only $3.99. That is a heck of a bargin to be the coolest person on the block. Sassi recommends buying a new decal, it’s worth the investment.

Will The Adhesives Leave A Residue?
For the most part NO. But sometimes depending on how old the decal is, there may be a few bits of adhesive left behind upon removal. If that is the case, just simply use some alcohol to remove it.  And, although Sassi is a fan of a stiff drink from time to time, he wants to point out that you should use rubbing alcohol to remove the decal glue NOT your favorite alcoholic beverage. This is a FAQ section, but using your "beverage of choice" to remove a decal would be dumb and probably considered alcohol abuse lol!

Can I Wash And Wax My Car?
Sassi thinks that if you have to ask permission to wash and wax your car/truck then you probably haven’t done it in a while. Sassi would prefer that you wash and wax your ride! Doing so will only make that new SassiSquatch decal look even better when it's slapped on your whip.

What If Someone Steals My decals?
Sassi doesn’t like a thief. And, if you call the cops, they will probably just laugh at you (& so will your insurance company). Outside of moving away from the thugs in your town, Sassi says your best bet is to hop on and find a better Squatch decal then you had before. Sassi does however feel your pain.



After All That, You Still Have Questions?
Not to worry, we are here to help. Just drop us on email at and we will answer any questions you have.

And feel free to send us some of those installed pics. We might just share on our social media pages, or you might just win something in the future from SassiSquatch. We love to reward our customers!